Do you trust your home insurance company?

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone.  If you are looking to buy a home in the New Year but you don’t know where to begin shopping for home owner’s insurance then don’t worry the team at Insurance Does Matter is here to help.

If you are purchasing your first home or if you are searching for a new home in the New Year you will also have to find a home insurance company to purchase home owner’s insurance.  Whether you are purchasing a new condominium, a new home or if you are renting an apartment you will need to shop for and purchase home owners insurance.

Chose your home insurance company wisely

The best place to start shopping for home owners insurance is to visit your local bank.  Many financial institutions also have an insurance company division. If you are already familiar with the products from your local bank it may be a good idea to also use them as your home insurance company. You can also search for a licensed insurance agent with an insurance company such as All State or Geico.  Very often insurance companies will give you a discount on your home owner’s insurance if you have other types of insurance with them such as auto insurance or RV insurance.

It is important to trust your home insurance company because you are insuring your livelihood and your most valuable asset with them.  You don’t always want to find the cheapest home insurance because it may not always be the best.  Find a home insurance company that you trust and try to get a good deal by paying in advance, letting them check your credit score and purchasing other types of insurance with them.

My home insurance story

When I was younger and living with my parents we had a horrible flood in our basement during a rain storm.  With over two feet of water in our basement it’s safe to say that almost everything was ruined from our television and our furniture to our appliances and our walls.  We even had to throw out hundreds of dollars of food in our storage room.  I honestly didn’t know anything about the insurance process, all I knew was that a lot of my personal items were ruined.

My parents had been using the same home insurance company for many years (my mother actually still uses them today) and their licensed insurance agent was like an old family friend.  He came to our home to assess the damage and the insurance company immediately sent in a cleaning crew to soak up the water.  Our basement was out of commission for a few weeks and there were constant construction workers in our home as they ripped out our walls and carpet and started to rebuild our home.

The construction workers and the home insurance company actually suggested installing a new drain system in our basement and a leak protection system to help prevent this type of damage during the next major rain storm.  My parents really appreciated the advice because even though the costs of the rain damage were covered by insurance not everything has a monetary value.  And in all honesty no one wants to have damage to their home on a regular basis.  This is why it’s important to trust your home insurance company.

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